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Jul 3, 2011
Category:  Behind the Scenes
Contributor: DCGEP

A different take on HIV education

For the past fourteen years the Discovery Global Education Partnership ( has asked educators in under resourced schools around the world what subject topics for films would be most beneficial to their students and communities. Each year the topic of explaining how HIV actually works is a topic of importance, especially for educators working in Sub-Saharan Africa.

INSIDE STORY will demonstrate the science of how HIV works in a personal, practical and memorable way, replacing misunderstanding with facts and revealing the virus through a lifelike animated journey inside the human body. After production is complete, a comprehensive rollout of the film will include national broadcasts across sub-Saharan Africa and distribution through grassroots efforts of NGOs, schools and governments.

“Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership is dedicated to using the power of media to transform the lives of people around the world. As production begins on INSIDE STORY in South Africa and Kenya, we are shining a light on the unseen realities of HIV and AIDS,” said Aric Noboa, President, Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership.

To bring this vision to life, DCGEP is working closely with passionate and generous partners, unparalleled talent and support from around the globe including Curious Pictures. Based in South Africa, Curious Pictures brings a wealth of experience using dramas to create a social impact.

“INSIDE STORY is a wonderful collaboration between educators, activists and science experts. We hope to use the latest production tools to create a story that both entertains and educates. We’re excited about the possibilities this project offers,” said Harriet Gavshon, President, Curious Pictures.

Now in production through mid-July, shooting in both Johannesburg and rural Kenya, INSIDE STORY brings together both contemporary African youth culture and the latest health and science information. The mix we hope we create a compelling combination reaching millions.

Stay tuned for more.


What an incredible effort to promote, thanks Discovery for taking the steps needed to move this message forward.

My name is Janet,and i'm 26yrs of age,i'm happy that HIV/AIDS Awareness in expanding especially in Africa and the youth are learning more at it and how it not only affects individuals but everyone as a whole.


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