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Oct 25, 2012
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Major buzz as Kenya hosts film festival

Kwanele Mpanza of SEACOM, Inside Story director, Rolie Nikiwe and Inside Story stars, Regina Re Gitao and Peter King Mwania.

The audience gathers to screen Inside Story at the Kenya International Film Festival in the newly renovated Louis Leaky Auditorium.

Inside Story premiered at the Louis Leaky Auditorium in Nairobi Kenya as part of the Kenya International Film Festival (KIFF) - a festival that began small seven years ago, but has today become one of the fastest growing festivals in the region, attracting films globally. Reporting on the Festival, Billie Odidi deemed Inside Story one of the highlights of the 2012 festival.

 “Another highlight from KIFF 2012 is the premier of the Discovery Channel production, “The Inside Story.” Directed by South African, Rolie Nikiwe, who is known for his work on acclaimed TV dramas like ‘A Place Called Home”, the film stars Kevin Ndege Mamboleo, a Kenyan actor who has previously appeared in the series “Changing Times”

Mamboleo plays the role of Kalu, a gifted yet cocky footballer who moves from Malindi in Kenya to urban Johannesburg to follow his dream and support his family. He then has to deal with his relationship with the coach’s daughter and confront the fact that the he is HIV positive.

 Delivering a message like safe-sex on film is quite a challenge without appearing to be on an NGO-driven mission and “The Inside Story” passes that test by creatively combining social drama, cutting edge film animation and sports to make for an absorbing story.

 The cast features international stars like Hakeem Kae-Kazim from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, who plays the role of Kalu’s mentor and coach.

Fana Mokoena who has acted in blockbusters like “Hotel Rwanda” and “Blood Diamond” plays the ruthless team owner while one-time Kenyan TV presenter Regina-Re acts as Kalu’s mother.

Following the film’s premier in South Africa in December last year, it was screened in Washington, DC in January and was also featured at the Pan African Film festival in the US.

Audiences at KIFF will this evening get a chance to watch the first East African showing of a documentary that has been greeted with acclaim at festivals and cinemas in many parts of the world.”

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